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HDR is an employee-owned architectural, engineering and consulting firm with more than 7,800 professionals in 185 locations worldwide. All of them are committed to helping clients manage complex projects and make sound decisions. Learn more at hdrinc.com.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, HDR was founded in 1917 as the Henningson Engineering Company. The employee-owned company pioneered water and sewer systems for new cities and towns throughout the Midwest, helping them emerge from frontier status.

Today, HDR is an architectural, engineering and consulting firm with more than 7,800 professionals in 185 locations worldwide. All of them are committed to helping clients manage complex projects and make sound decisions.

HDR is consistently ranked among the top architecture and engineering firms by leading industry publications including Engineering News-Record, Modern Healthcare, Environmental Business Journal, Interiors, and Building Design and Construction. For example, Modern Healthcare has ranked HDR in the top four healthcare design firms every year since 1978, and ENR has ranked HDR among the top 50 design firms since 1967.

HDR has a leading role in landmark projects ranging from the Hoover Dam Bypass to design upgrades for the Pentagon and key projects in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, the world's largest ecosystem restoration effort. Thousands of smaller projects across the nation are not as instantly recognizable, yet they improve the quality of life for residents of the communities where they take place.

While HDR's services have evolved to manage increasingly complex projects ranging from nanotechnology to infrastructure security, one thing that hasn't changed is commitment to the values upon which HDR was founded. These values include respect, integrity, empowerment, innovation, teamwork and responsibility. HDR's mission is to be a superior professional firm known for vision, value and service to our clients, our communities and employees.


HDR's railroad leaders speak your language. Many of them are former Class 1 and short line employees with hands-on knowledge of railroad standards, engineering requirements and the day-to-day challenges you face.

Because of this, there's little or no learning curve on your projects: our engineers get it. We bring a thorough understanding of the coordination and communication requirements that set railroad projects apart from many other types of work. We understand the importance of being team players and focusing clearly on your objectives.

Our railroad group has completed significant assignments for Class I, short line and other rail clients throughout North America. Our experience includes such nontraditional services as asset management and security and alternative delivery options such as program management and design-build. In addition, our understanding of passenger rail technology has led to a national reputation for quality and client-responsive service in commuter and intercity rail planning and engineering services.

Our staff offers solid backgrounds in at-grade, aerial and underground trackways, structures and stations, including associated facilities for ventilation. This experience extends to major river crossings and to both mined and cut-and-cover tunnels.

Railroad Services:
 Asset Management
 Bridges and Structures
 Construction Engineering & Inspection
 Construction Services
 Design-Build Services
 Emergency Services
 Environmental
 Geotechnical
 Hydrology, Hydraulics and Drainage
 Initial Corridor Analyses
 Intermodal Terminal Design
 Maintenance Facilities
 Passenger and Freight Facilities
 Passenger Stations
 Program Management
 Rail Systems Engineering
 Rail Traffic Operations Modeling and Analysis
 Security
 Track and Roadbed Design
 Tunnels
 Yard Design