GE Transportation’s Optimization Solutions

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Other Contact: Mike Judge
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GE Transportation's Optimization Solutions, has served the North American Rail Industry since 1979. In the past 23 years, we have grown to become the leading provider of transportation, revenue, and equipment management systems and services to the short line and regional railroad industry in North America, including Mexico. We also began business initiatives in Africa, Europe, and South America. Beginning in the late 1990’s, we made the transition from a developer and provider of software products to a Business Services Provider (BSP). As such, we now deliver all of its “products” as services in a network-centric fashion via the Internet, and various other means, electronically to clients. Our services are delivered from two world-class data centers “mirrored” for disaster recovery and business continuity. In late 1999, we branded all of our services RailConnect® and its four core components: TMS, RMS, EMS, FMS (for more information, click on component or see Solutions section). The RailConnect® suite of services is both modular and “transaction” based, making it robust enough to run the largest regionals and flexible and affordable enough for the smallest short line. RailConnect®’s industry-wide acceptance has made it the most successful e-Commerce initiative in the entire North American Rail Industry. Over 75% of the short line and regional railroads in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico utilize one or more of RMI’s services. There are over 400 customers using one or more components of RailConnect®. More importantly, there are nearly 200 railroads using RailConnect® to run their day-to-day operations from our data centers, representing over 4.5 million annual carloads. Even more exciting, that number of railroads and carloads continues to grow at a tremendous rate. Over the last five quarters, we have added railroads to RailConnect® at the rate of one every three business days. We see that trend continuing for some time.