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Raleigh, NC 27609
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Contact Name: Jason Field, PE, Rail/Civil Engineer

 Moffatt & Nichol guides clients through the process of integrating rail opportunities to benefit their business strategies. The firm’s experienced team of rail professionals offers a comprehensive overview, providing breadth of vision from planning through design to project completion. Unique to the market, we incorporate our in-house expertise with our extensive rail background in the areas of economic feasibility and logistics assessment; rail planning; capacity modeling, logistical simulations and design of intermodal terminal facilities; corridor safety; inventory and data management; maintenance; structural and mechanical engineering; inspection and rehabilitation; signalization; and construction administration for passenger and transit lines nationwide. As a vertically integrated firm, we measure client needs using operations analysis and facility build-out. This business structure allows us to move a project through environmental and permitting in close coordination with the design and construction approval process.